Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Post

So.... i have decided to make a blog to just ramble about useless things. Haha sometimes useless things are interesting. This might be pointless because no one i know will actually see this... i just made it because i was bored i suppose.

Anyway recently i went to the L.A. Zoo. I had a lot of fun but dang.... a lot of the animals i wanted to see weren't even in sight.... Yeah the wild cats.... my favorites! The only cat i saw that wasn't asleep was a tiger which I'll admit it was cute. =]. I also really liked the black bear, i decided to call him (i hope it was a him) Berry hahaha Berry the Bear! Haha i know I'm lame... but yeah the zoo was fun. If you're afraid of bees like i am just pace yourself..... they're EVERYWHERE!
some of my favorite pictures from the trip... I have a lot more but i didn't want to post them all up.